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Hello Cleveland!

Posted by Thomas Mulready on April 22, 2009

Welcome to The Future of Cleveland! On April 22, 2009, invited by hosts and Cleveland State University, a couple hundred people assembled in the 3rd floor game room of the newly renovated Fenn Tower on the campus of Cleveland State University for food, drinks and the opportunity to engage with each other, and with eight CSU executives-in-residence on their subject of expertise: Entrepreneurship & Science: Dr. Julian Earls, former director, NASA Glenn Research Center; Economic Development & Community Building: Steven Minter, former director, Cleveland Foundation; Politics, Public Service & Health Care: Grace Drake, former Ohio state senator; Innovative Education: Barbara Byrd-Bennett, former CEO, Cleveland Metropolitan School District; Business & Law: David W. Whitehead, former Vice President, FirstEnergy Corporation; and Public/Private Partnerships: Dr. Stuart Mandel, Asst. Dean for the Levin College of Urban Affairs.

Clevelanders noshed on hors d’oeuvres and enjoyed a few drinks, and then the fun started. We rang a bell, and  participants organized themselves into groups to speak with one of the six executives on their area of expertise. The only ground rule was to be constructive and positive, in the spirit of Cool Cleveland, and in the spirit of the Cleveland State University setting.  After 15 minutes, the bell rang again, and participants rotated, round robin-style to the next executive. After a third round, we asked each of the executives to read out the results of their three 15-minute discussions. Those results are found in the subsequent postings to this blog.

Read the comments, and add a few of your own. We’ll keep you informed of our progress and the possibility of a follow-up session.


One Response to “Hello Cleveland!”

  1. Uncle B said

    Education re-started, you have a long run to catch up to the Asians, but you can make it! Now, get a waste free reactor designed, or better, forsake fission for the dangerous and poisonous process it is, (SEE: Go straight for Solar, Wind Hydro, Wave, Tidal, and Geothermal power processes and try to add to the ever-expanding list of fission-free power sources, including static, lightning, ground potential, piezo, magnetic, cosmic, infrared and more? Who knows! and who knows rules the world. In a time when China is setting up the largest, most dangerous, non-remedial Nuclear Power station build-up in the world, one human error from environmental disaster at any moment, by building another ten reactors this year, We must look to surviving beyond their first (and probably last) nuclear error, turn our Factory Farm stinking wastes and sewage into bio-gas and safe fertilizer for out fields, convert to electric cars, learn to eat properly for better health, switch from air travel to inter-city bullet train rail travel, and reach for a better, safer society for all – schooling is the pathway, education the tool, and the Rust-Belt a constant reminder of errors of the unsustainable past, we rise like a Phoenix from, to do our round, one better, and longer lasting, a Future for our old age, and our children to work from. in America!

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